Monday, January 19, 2015

Snowy heights

When you think of an exciting winter day on the hills, you probably don't think of the Broughton Heights. These are the group of modestly sized hills above the village of Broughton in the Scottish borders. However a good fall of snow and an overnight freeze work wonders in making you feel you are somewhere much more adventurous.  As with my Ben Lomond trip, I am spoiled for good pictures, but here are some good ones.

A mixture of man-made and natural features from Penvalla:
 On top of Trahenna Hill with the wind stirring up the spindrift:
 Looking towards Culter Fell, with the sun beginning to set:
Some sheep caught in the sun, laying in their central heating:
The whole day was spent walking on snow, from roadside to roadside. It's a good while since I can remember that happening.

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Robert Craig said...

Beautiful pictures. It's hard to believe you are only 20-odd miles from Edinburgh at Broughton Heights, it feels deep in the countryside.